Tackling ice

Tackling Ice in the Northern Territory (pdf 371 kb) is the Northern Territory Government’s response to the impact ice is having on our community.

Across government, and in consultation with non-government agencies, current and future actions have been identified to address the health, social and legal problems caused by ice use in the Territory.

Effective policing and a robust criminal justice system are critical to reducing the supply and availability of ice. 

The Northern Territory Government is tackling ice through law enforcement working alongside education, prevention and treatment responses. The government is also working with other jurisdictions and the Commonwealth Government across harm, demand and supply reduction measures and strategies.

Education and prevention to reduce the demand for ice

Promoting healthy lifestyles through school based drug education and positive youth development programs is an effective way to reduce and prevent the demand for ice and other drugs.

Some of the education and development programs include:

  • Positive Choices - an online portal to help school communities access accurate, up-to-date drug education resources and prevention programs. This portal is for students, teachers and parents. 
  • school based drug education programs 
  • counselling services to Northern Territory Government school students, including responding to critical incidents which may relate to the abuse of ice by a student or parent
  • funding communities and organisations to promote drug awareness and deliver education and prevention programs
  • referring youth offenders to drug education programs.

Reduce the supply, manufacture and distribution of ice

Preventing the manufacture and distribution of ice is a major focus in reducing the supply of ice in the Northern Territory.

While there is more to be done, we are currently:

  • participating in Joint Taskforce Nemesis, a taskforce that involves police officers from the Northern Territory and the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Border Force and the Australian Crime Commission. The taskforce 
    • screen all major passenger flights and drug routes into the Northern Territory
    • target known drug suppliers and importers
  • strengthening the Misuse of Drugs Act to enhance search and seizure powers on drug trafficking routes
  • working with state and Commonwealth governments to improve regulation and controls on precursor chemicals and equipment used to manufacture ice.

Figure 1: The total weight of amphetamine type substances (ATS) seized in the NT rose from 7.03kg in 2012-13 to 18.5kg in 2013-14.

The total weight of amphetamine type substances (ATS) seized in the NT rose from 7.03kg in 2012-13 to 18.5kg in 2013-14

Figure 2: The number of amphetamine type substances (ATS) seizures in the NT increased from 350 in 2012-13 to 447 in 2013-14.

The number of amphetamine type substances (ATS) seizures in the NT increased from 350 in 2012-13 to 447 in 2013-14  

Reduce harms caused to individuals, families and communities

Harms associated with ice use are increasing in the Northern Territory and at a national level. 

Along with supply reduction measures, effective treatment services that assist ice and other types of methamphetamine users are an important part of a whole of community approach to minimising the harm and distress associated with methamphetamine use. 

Current actions to reduce harms include:

  • providing alcohol and other drug treatment resources and services to the areas of highest need
  • reviewing the management of grants to ensure that services are cost effective and meet the needs of local communities
  • funding needle and syringe programs to minimise the spread of blood-borne viruses such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis B and C
  • programs for youth and adult detainees to address drug use and post release support
  • the introduction of new drug driving laws to reduce the incidence of drug driving and the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads. 

To find out more download Tackling ice in the Northern Territory (pdf 371 kb).

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Last updated: 26 Feb 2016