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Quick facts
Ice is also known as crystal meth, shabu, crystal, glass, shard, p and rock.
Smoking ice is more addictive than most other forms of drug use.
Ice stops people feeling hungry, thirsty or being able to sleep which puts a lot of stress on the body.
Combining ice with other stimulants such as ecstasy can place enormous strain on the heart and other organs, leading to a stroke.
Using ice with depressants such as alcohol, cannabis or benzodiazepines can mask their effects and in the case of benzodiazepines increase risk of overdose.
Someone who has taken ice may appear unusually active but may also act nervous and anxious.
In addition to health risks using ice can lead to serious legal, social and financial consequences.
Ice is associated with violence as it increases the ‘fight or flight’ reaction which can make people respond aggressively to situations where they feel threatened.
Children exposed to frequent and normalised drug use are also at risk of developing a drug dependence.
A criminal conviction arising from drug use, supply or trafficking may result in not being able to travel to some overseas countries.
Last updated: 26 Feb 2016